Clandestine Lab Information (what to look out for)

by William Wilkinson

Since 2007, when safety elements, ltd. first started testing meth labs, we have had many questions posed to us regarding testing and meth labs in general.  Here are a few which hopefully will assist you.

Q:  Will my insurance company cover the testing and cleaning?

A:  You will have to check with your insurance company.  We have seen some cover all of the testing and cleaning, but some will not cover any of the cost.  


Q:  My cleaning company said they have tested the areas they cleaned and the contamination is gone.  

A:  DO NOT TRUST the cleaning company to test your home!  In fact, do not let the cleaning company representative and the testing firm be together while testing is being conducted.  While on this subject, make sure the testing firm and the cleaning company are separate companies.  This will guarantee that there was not any influence on the areas of testing.  The testing company is guaranteeing that your home has been decontaminated and your family will be safe!


Q:  How much will this cost?

A:  This depends on the number of samples taken and the area of your home.  


Q:  How will I know that the samples have not been tampered with after the testing company leaves the site?

A:  We, at safety elements, ltd., handle the samples as "evidence" and work within a "chain-of-custody" program to ensure that your samples arrive at the lab without any outside influence.


Q:  Why do I have to test or clean the dwelling?

A:  Many think that since you can't see or often smell meth, its not there.  Many documented cases of children and adults have suffered from health effects due to methamphetamine contamination.  See for more information or contact us!


Q:  I am a renter and I may be living in a past meth lab.  What rights to I have?

A:  First have the dwelling tested.  If the tests come back noting that the dwelling is contaminated, there are a few options you can pursue.  Contact us for more information.


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