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Meth Testing & Consultation

Safety elements, llc., was one of the first methamphetamine testing companies in the State of Ohio.  Since its beginning in 2007, safety elements has become experts in identifying contamination and providing information to those in need of the reassurance that their home or apartment will be suitable to inhabit.  In addition, safety elements has testified for Ohio House Bill 33 and presented for the Ohio Health Department, Virginia and South Carolina Health Departments, multiple State of Ohio County Health Departments and was a member of the Summit County Methamphetamine Property Task Force.  Recently, safety elements assisted the City of Akron with legislation regarding methamphetamine clean up.

Most testing companies are not familiar with the processes of methamphetamine manufacturing which hinders a thorough knowledge of where and what to look for when determining contamination.  Our training, years of experience and relationships with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, DEA and Ohio Drug Task Forces, allow us the knowledge about current trends.  

Its our belief that a testing company should not be associated or part of a decontamination company.  In our opinion, this is a conflict of interest!  The testing company provides the home owner the security of knowing that the decontamination conducted was done properly and completely.  You will find that most state and local cleanup guidelines prohibit companies to test and clean.  As stated, our expertise is testing and we channel all of our training and energy towards being at the forefront through knowledge, integrity, customer service and state-of-the-art equipment, providing the best and most economical service allowable.

Safety elements, llc. has consulted for health departments and assisted in developing criteria/standards for fire departments, police departments and public housing officials for identifying and disposing of clandestine drug lab paraphernalia and lab contents.

CERTIFICATION CAUTION!  The State of Ohio does not endorse any type of certification for decontamination or testing companies.  Be suspicious and question those companies who provide such (Ohio) certification.  At this time, safety elements is assisting in the development of such criteria for the State, due to their knowledge of contamination, the "process" chemicals, testing and decontamination procedures.

Do you have questions about meth contamination or the process to decontaminate your home or apartment?

Safety elements, ltd. has experts ready to assist you with the next step to decontaminate your home, garage, apartment, motel / hotel or area contaminated with the residue associated with methamphetamine production or usage.  Over-the-phone or on-site consultation is available for those in need of advice.  Click on the "Contact Us" for more information. 


On-Site Consultation

A professional will come to your location and discuss options for the remediation and testing processes.  This service has been found to save thousands of dollars in clean-up costs.  We charge mileage and time on-site for consultation.  Call us today to set up an appointment!


Over-the-Phone Consultation

We received phone calls everyday from those who's lives have been interrupted with the news of contamination of their property due to the manufacture or use of methamphetamine.  We understand the health effects associated with meth contamination and are here to assist.  Call us today!  Nominal fee charged for consultation.  All major credit cards accepted.


On-Site Meth Awareness Training

A professional will come to your location and present to your group the hazards associated with contamination and the steps needed to remove the contamination.  We have presented to major corporations, health departments (county and state), fire departments and community groups.  We charge a fee to cover costs. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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